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26 Nov, 2012



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Welcome to Pair Panic - extreme pair matching. Your high scores are limited only by your memory. You have one minute to hunt a full deck of cards for matching pairs. Pairs earn bonus time and points. Create pair combo's to earn massive damage, I mean points. Remember, find pairs, don't panic!


I always played Pelmanism (aka Pairs) not realising it's a great way to train your memory, I just enjoyed the game. Using a full deck of cards it's typically a two player game where you take turns to hunt for pairs. I wanted to convert this into a single player experience without having the annoyance of shuffling a deck of card's. Of course I didn't just want a card shuffling sim so I added a combo system, levels and mini-mission's to create a compulsive experience. Pair Panic was born.


  • It really is the ultimate memory test, if you are like a magician and can remember the position of all 52 cards in a deck, prepare for the ultimate scores.
  • Compulsive, with loads of levels and mini-challenges.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "No. 3 in the highest grossing card games chart" App store, September, 2012
    • "500,000+ plays on flash websites everywhere" Various flash portals!

    Selected Articles

      • "I can't tell if I'm enjoying this or aggravated to the point of lunacy but thats what I find appealing about puzzles"
        - madmaestro2021, Newsgrounds
      • "This is by far the most enjoyable game of memory I've ever played! It's challenging, addictive, and fun!"
        - Goky, Newsgrounds

      About PanicBarn

      Est 2014. London based game developer.

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      Pair Panic Credits

      Tim Constant
      Programmer, everything else

      Josh Cook
      Artist, Freelancer

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks