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True Touchscreen Football. We love football games from Sensible Soccer and Kick Off to the latest FIFA and Pro Evo. We also love football games on iOS but the game we wanted wasn't available. Traditional console ports feel slightly out of place on the touchscreen and the mini-game style footy games play great but don't provide a full football simulation. We also wanted a RPG style hook to keep us playing, classic example's being the Kairosoft games and the Bafta award winning New Star Soccer. We wanted it all! so we created Tiki Taka Soccer.


Our love of New Star Soccer and tinkering with a 2D football engine prototype led us to Tiki Taka. Imagine building a team, improving your team as well as playing every single game. Yep that's what we imagined as well.


  • Tiki Taka Soccer simulates a full game of footy and also has a control scheme designed for the touchscreen. No on-screen joypads,no bluetooth joypads required and definitely no tilt.
  • The art style compliments the control system. A zoomed out camera, landscape orientated pitch and small but detailed pixelart sprites gives the player an incredible view of the match.
  • Gameplay has a focus on keeping possession of the ball reminiscent of the classic Barcelona style of play known as Tiki Taka.
  • A comprehensive player manager career. Take a team from the lower leagues to the peak of club football. We focus on the fun side of football club management - team selection, tactics and buying players. Uniquely you also gain experience as a manager which means you improve your abilities which directly influence your team on and off the pitch.
  • The incident engine keeps things fresh. We generate positive and negative incidents that will occur as the season progresses to add some spice to your season. These are based on real life club football events!


Tiki Taka Soccer Launch Trailer YouTube

Tiki Taka Soccer AppSpy preview YouTube

Tiki Taka Soccer alpha build Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

    • "Tiki Taka Soccer nominated for the Indie Prize Showcase" Casual Connect Amsterdam, February, 2014

    Selected Articles

      • "Tiki Taka Soccer wants to reinvent touchscreen football game controls"
        - Owen Faraday, Pocket Tactics
      • "Touchscreen controls...Tim has nailed the solution beautifully"
        - Spanner Spencer, 100% Indie
      • "Mixing Sensible Soccer with sensible touch screen controls, I found that I was playing like a pro within minutes"
        - George Osborn, Mobile Mavericks
      • "I pretend to love this game even though I do not actually understand it."
        - Pretentious Bastard, Artsy Page
        - Caps Guy, Angry Review

      About PanicBarn

      Est 2014. London based game developer.

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      Tiki Taka Soccer Credits

      Tim Constant, PanicBarn
      Concept, Game design, Production, Everything else

      TwoOrb Studios
      Programming, Freelancer's

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks